First National Real Estate Newtown Tenants Maintenance Request Form

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Rental Property Address
Maintenance Details
Access for Tradesperson

Our maintenance team can enter the property with our management keys if you are not present when the service person is available to carry out the maintenance or repairs.

Access for Tradesperson

Security Code
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Important Information
Only current and authorized First National Real Estate Newtown tenants are permitted to submit this form, you must complete and answer all questions and provide as much details as possible and a detailed description of the maintenance or repair that is being requested. If it relates to an appliances, ensure you have included the brand and type of appliances etc.

Please include your name, contact details, address of the rental property and grant access for our tradesperson to attend the property.

Your property manager will be in contact with you soon to verify and organize the repairs and maintenance requested.

For urgent repairs you must refer to your residential tenancy agreement for what constitutes urgent repairs. If your request for repairs is of urgent nature you must still submit this form and also contact your property manager immediately to report the urgent repair and to confirm it will be attended to as an urgent repair.

Reporting repairs and any maintenance matters, helps keep the property in good condition and alleviates further flow on damages, therefore on behalf of your landlord we thank you and appreciate your prompt reporting on maintenance matters.